Uranium lead dating technique

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When solving a b problem seems impossible, break it into smaller steps.

Conventional ques of Radiometric Dating

Well, scientists just took one of geology's bgest controversies and shrunk it down to atomic size.

Conventional ques of Radiometric <i>Dating</i>

Confirmed Oldest Fragment of Early Earth is 4.4 Billion Years.

By zapping single atoms of lead in a tiny zircon crystal from Australia, researchers have confirmed the crystal is the oldest rock fragment ever found on Earth — 4.375 billion years old, plus or minus 6 million years. Confirmation of the zircon age holds enormous implications for models of early Earth.

Confirmed Oldest Fragment of Early Earth is 4.4 Billion Years.
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"We've proved that the chemical record inside these zircons is trustworthy," said John Valley, lead study author and a geochemist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Trace elements in the oldest zircons from Australia's Jack Hills range suggest they came from water-rich, granite-like rocks such as granodiorite or tonalite, other studies have reported.Uranium–thorium dating - pedia

Uranium lead dating technique:

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